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Professional Car #10

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A lot has changed in the funeral industry in the past few years.  The equipment certainly has; our funeral home was once the local ambulance service, as well as full-service funeral home.  These days, the town has its own ambulance service, which is a good thing because at the price of a brand new hearse I can’t even imagine the bill they get every time they buy new ambulances.  The combination car has seen a comeback though in a different way, I can’t tell you how many funeral homes around seem to be buying mini vans and getting them converted into removal/parade cars.  In honor of our 10th anniversary in the collectable car market, we our doing a tribute to our past in the form of a hearse/ambulance combination car, much like we would have had in the garage here years ago. 

Professional car number 10 is based on a 1935 Chevrolet chassis, made again for us by SpecCast. It is slightly larger than all the previous models as they were 1/25 scale and #10 is a 1/24.  This has allowed it to be more detailed. Not only that it’s a stand out piece that takes up some real estate in your collection.  The paint scheme is a two-tone maroon and black, with detailing that gives the effect of etched glass.  On the center window is the funeral home’s modern logo and on the rear window is an etching design along with the logo of mortuary science.  This model features a complete die cast construction, adding to its overall weight.  The fully functional doors open to reveal a detailed interior in the driver’s seat as well as in the back so you can load the detailed wood tone casket.  This year’s model features opening hood panels that lift up to reveal the painted six-cylinder motor.  Another interesting detail is the tilt out windshield great for those very warm days on the job, which reminds me of the old Chevy Suburban removal car we just recently replaced. The air conditioning had died years ago and on hot days we had to draw straws as to who had to make any long trips in it.  We’ve just replaced it with a 2007 converted Cadillac Escalade; needless to say, no one complains anymore when it comes to making long trips, in fact, I think some of the guys invent errands to run just so they can take it out for a cruise.  This year’s model is again limited to 504 units and is expected to be released in January, due to the vehicles size and weight (a full 2.2lbs unloaded) shipping has gone up slightly but when you open this box up I doubt very much you’ll be disappointed, A true “mint” quality replica at a fraction of the cost.

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