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Professional Car #11

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Back in the 50’s, when my dad was just a lad, our funeral home provided ambulance service to the local communities.  We used combinations and straight ambulance units, but none had the vast array of medical instruments of their modern-day counterparts.  “You called, we hauled”, as fast as we could in any kind of weather and at any hour.  My father often tells me that he’s glad that those ambulance days are gone.  To make a long story short; in 1963, with costs on the rise, and medical requirements on the increase; our predecessor John W. Askew took the ambulance service checkbook along with the ‘63 Cadillac ambulance from the garage and delivered them both to the local borough council suggesting that the community form their own ambulance association.  The Ebensburg Area Ambulance Association was born and they still provide this valuable service to our community today.  Our eleventh professional car celebrates our ambulance heritage.  The 1957 Chevy Nomad is highly detailed. It sports the original Askew Ambulance door badge, single roof beacon and industry-specific rear-side window detailing.  To add to this model’s allure, it features; flip down seats; working side windows; opening rear, front doors and hood and a detailed engine.      With the stock market tanking and the politicians still lining their own pockets, you can be assured that the Askew-Houser Professional Car Series will remain an affordable fun collectible.  This years model is again limited to 504 units, 1/25th scale, measures approx. 9 inches by 3” by 3”.  We expect delivery in the last weeks of December, so we can’t guarantee delivery for Christmas…. One thing we can do though, is guarantee your satisfaction.  The ’57 Nomad ambulance will make a great addition to your fleet!


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