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Name Funeral Home
Amber Mary McNulty Out of Area ( Johnstown)
Michael L. Manculich Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Mary McDermott Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Rev. Msgr. John J. Little Out of Area (Altoona)
Hilda R. Vetock-Strittmatter Matevish Funeral Home
William D. Janicsko Out of Area (Johnstown)
Thomas H. Bishop Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Hazel Barotina Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Delores C. Marsh Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Ida R. Restauri Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Mary (Dancha) LaMantia Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Andrew E. Schilling Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Joseph Bartocci Matevish Funeral Home
Sr. Helen Marie Dumm, RSM Out of Area (Cresson)
David E. Watson Matevish Funeral Home
Paul Link Matevish Funeral Home
James H. Bender Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Elizabeth Ann Elliott Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Steve F. Sedor Matevish Funeral Home
Julia McGee Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
JoAnn "Jo" Lipps Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Anthony J. "Tony" Ricciardella Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
James G. Tishok Matevish Funeral Home
Mary (Shields) Pearson Out of Area (Texas)
Fred J. Rupert Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Albert J. Frederick Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
James V. Soulsby Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
William D. "Bill" Defrehn Out of Area (Johnstown)
Cecil S. Cook Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Frederick C. Sacchet Out of Area (Hollidaysburg)
William C. Stormer Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
David Andrew Mutter, Sr. Matevish Funeral Home
Paul Shuman, Sr. Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Ralph Oskins Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Jane C. Kmett - Pisula Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Eleanor Lee Kinnan Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Walter C. Dumm Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Ernest A. Molnar Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Joseph J. Mesoros Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Dorothy Ann Letcher Out of Area (Ashville)
Virginia (Roberts) McKavish Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Twila R. (Rummel) Davis Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Catherine "Rena" Leri Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Margaret M. Sherry Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Gwendolyn E. Askew Out of Area (Homer City)
Melinda J. Stevens Out of Area (Carrolltown)
Amelia Mae Rhoades Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Frank Bucci Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Helen L. Krempasky Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Ian Thomas Link Askew-Houser Funeral Homes

Viewing results 1501 - 1550 of 1706
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