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Name Funeral Home
Walter C. Dumm Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Ernest A. Molnar Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Joseph J. Mesoros Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Dorothy Ann Letcher Out of Area (Ashville)
Virginia (Roberts) McKavish Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Twila R. (Rummel) Davis Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Catherine "Rena" Leri Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Margaret M. Sherry Out of Area (Northern Cambria)
Gwendolyn E. Askew Out of Area (Homer City)
Melinda J. Stevens Out of Area (Carrolltown)
Amelia Mae Rhoades Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Frank Bucci Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Helen L. Krempasky Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Ian Thomas Link Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Donna Marie (Caldwell) Rager Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Olga M. Vargo Matevish Funeral Home
Robert J. Richardson Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Michele Lee Flick Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Kevin Lewis Fara Out of Area (Cresson)
Leo Patrick Shea Matevish Funeral Home
Paul F. Gallaher Out of Area - Portage
Leonard J. Marchitelli Out of Area - ( Avonmore)
Marie L. (Cook) Bzdyl Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Sharon L. Kovach Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Hazel Edna Michaels Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Lettie Stiffler Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Donna D. Richey Out 0f Area (Conemaugh)
Mary E. Zamboni Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Jay W. Jensen Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Henry E. Dickert Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
John C. Coll Matevish Funeral Home
Edmund S. "Buch" Orgis Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Col. John E. Devlin, D.D.S. Out of Area (North Carolina)
Mary E. (Lightcap - Mosso) Soler Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Benjamin W. "Ben" Rose Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Silvio Zamboni Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Robert L. Edwards Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Albert G. Sackie Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Verna L. Smith Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Cordell A. Klisanin Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
John Dusza Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Regis P. Wright Askew-Houser Funeral Homes, Inc.
Sr. Mary Rita Golias, CSA Out of Area (Wisconsin)
Gloria Jean (Bracken) Barthold Askew-Houser Funeral Homes
Joseph H. Cressley Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
Blair C. Robine Out of Area (Lilly)
Gaythorne Lightcap Out of Area (Johnstown)
James A. Sides Matevish Funeral Home
Emma M. Kovach Askew-Houser Funeral Homes, Inc.
Helen A, Dorsch Matevish Funeral Home

Viewing results 1701 - 1750 of 1870
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