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Freddie the Leaf Audio Book
We are honored to offer the only audio cassette version of "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf" by Dr. Leo Buscaglia.

"A New Beginning, living through grief with Leo Buscaglia" was originally published by the Nightengale-Conant Corporation and is reprinted here expressly for us by our friends at Nightengale-Conant, with permission of the Felice Foundation, Dr. Buscaglia's humanitarian foundation .

The cassette begins with Dr. Buscaglia's own narration of his lovely and poignant tale of The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, and is immediately followed by the author's own thoughts on death; that death is indeed merely a transition, that death is a natural part of living, and the realization that the loss of a loved one through death is an experience that can change our lives and requires work to endure. The audio tape is a treasure of positive encouragement, designed to assist the grieving in their own journey to acceptance of loss.

Due to physical and mental strain on concentration levels after a loss, the audio cassette is a valuable media in sharing words of comfort and encouragement so vital to loss survival.

A New Beginning, living through grief with Leo Buscaglia is the flagship program of our funeral firm's aftercare services. We have had considerable success and many, many testimonial letters from grieving families telling us that this program indeed changed the way they handled their loss, and assisted them in coping with the situation at hand.

Cost of the cassette is $12.00 ppd. (discounts are applied to orders of 6 or more cassettes)

"As Freddie the Leaf fell from his branch in the brisk late autumn breeze, he was amazed to see what he had been a part of; for this was the first time that Freddie could see the ENTIRE tree!"
Leo Buscaglia