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Comfort Bear
Comfort Bear Collectible
Comfort Bear
Askew-Houser Funeral Home's "Comfort Bear" by Taylor Sports

This cuddly little fellow is slightly larger than a "Ty" brand "Beanie Baby" and a little fuller too. He's green with gold ear and paw inserts and sports the Askew-Houser "Butterfly" (new life) logo. He was produced by our new friends at Taylor Sports, and the bears are listed in many beanie collector price-guides, under the "TS" (Taylor Sports) category. Taylor has already produced some lovely bears for companies like PepsiCo, Wonder Bread, and Texaco.

We've ordered these for children of families who have suffered a loss through death, but realize that they will indeed become collector items and bring joy and comfort to many outside our funeral service area.
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  • $10.00 plus $2.95 postage! (limited to 1000 bears)

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