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Professional Car #9
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Die-Cast car collecting is nothing new, nor, it seems, is collecting model hearses. Though the field of professional car collecting has seen a great deal of growth in recent years, when this series was started there were few, if any, die-cast hearses available, and most enthusiasts where left to modify ambulance model kits and get creative if they wanted to have a hearse to display; or spend a great deal of money on one of the few collectible hearses on the market. With the Release of the Askew-Houser Professional Car series # 1 (1917 Ford Model T) back in 1997, it filled a void by creating an affordable, die-cast hearse collectable. That seems like such along time ago and a lot has changed. We are on the verge of releasing car #9 and the battle to keep the cars affordable seems to get harder with every year. With that being said, we are extremely proud to announce the release of The Professional Car Series 9th Edition, the 1916 Studebaker Panel 'Carved Side'.

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Professional Car #9 is based on SpecCast's 1916 Studebaker Panel and has been designed as a son to father tribute to the #1 carved side that started it all. Professional cars 1 through 8 have all been designed by Tim Houser, numbers 7 and 8 with help from his son, John Paul. Hearse #9 is the first coach designed completely by John Paul and is a Tribute to his father's first model. As always, the model is 1/25 scale and made of die-cast metal. The hearse is a bronze tone gold color with silver lamps and accents including the spare tire on the driver's side. Inscribed on the doors is an 'H' seal characteristic of the time period, the backdoors, along with ginger breading, display the modern funeral home logo. The carved sides and cialis super active butterfly logo are all done through a pewter insert allowing the sides to actually be carved giving them texture and depth that is not possible through printing. The antiqued pewter sides give the car unmatched curb appeal and make it an exquisite display piece. This edition is limited to 504 units, extremely unique and makes a statement about quality and value at an affordable price.

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